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Book| Carried Away

Carried Away by E.L. Haines is a quick, fun read. The characters' introductions are creative and keep the reader interested to learn more about them. Sparrow: a curious short man, Carie: the pretty Instagram girl, The knowledgeable Dr. Walker, the opportunist Dr. Proctor and the enthusiastic pet lover, Theresa and the calm Terence Cruz.

I enjoyed the author's sarcasm. You will be fully engaged in the informative scientific information about the pandemic transmission, how doctors invent a cure, and the political dynamic during the pandemic to be surprised with the Mickey mouse disease and the importance of avoiding Gelato.

You will mostly enjoy the witty tone of the primary personality, Sparrow. His self-description of ear dropping, being not noticed for being short, and his poor choices: between freedom and complication. The moment the mafia stole the Lamborghini keys despite the Sparrow's high expectation of the interaction was the funniest.

Haines moves the reader between two different worlds within pages. The scientific information is thoroughly explained. At times, the reader will think that this book is a documentary about a pandemic. Haines uses several COVID referrals making the information relevant and easy to follow. He chose Italy, where the pandemic circulation caused hundred of thousands of deaths. He chooses cats as a cause of disease transmission, which has been widely discussed since the start of the pandemic. Then we jump to the fiction world with a cat attack moment.

It was no surprise to know that Sparrow travels through the times. His narration style makes you hear a sound of a story from the 80s. Meanwhile, he is up to date with social media and is a professional Instagram account ghostwriter.

If you are looking for a short book, fun to read without using a dictionary to understand complicated words, Carried Away is a great choice!

You can find the book here. Enjoy!


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